With the cold winter months upon us not only does your skin take a hit from the dry temperatures but also eyelash extensions are affected by the dry weather.  For so many of us that cannot live without eyelash extensions it’s important that you keep your lash extensions fresh and hydrated throughout the winter season without compromising the glue.  Below you will find some suggestions on how to care for your eyelash extensions through the winter months. 


Ey Envy eye conditioner was designed for eyelash extensions and is essential for your lash extension health during the winter season.  It will not only help hydrate your natural eyelash extensions but it will help strengthen and grow your natural lashes so you have plenty to work with so you have a beautiful set of Eyelash Extensions

Gel Based Cleanser a gel base cleanser for your eyelash extensions help promote moisture without the harmful effects that lash extensions experience with the use of an oil based cleanser.  Gel based cleansers are perfect for easy cleaning of your eyelash extensions and should be a staple in your daily routine. 

Mascara If you want to put mascara on your Lash Extensions make sure that it is a hydrating formula that doesn’t dry out your Eyelash extensions breaking down the glue that might cause premature fall out.  I would recommend using Ey Envy mascara that was designed for Eyelash Extensions and staying away from volumizing mascaras that contain fibers.  These types of mascara will break down the glue and cause premature fall out during the winter months.