I had a great conversation over the weekend with a registered nurse who specializes in injectables. She was curious about the process of Microblading and how I approached the service when someone had recently undergone treatment for botox or filler. For those wondering, filler can be placed in the forehead and temples and is not reserved for check and lip use only.

I explained that injectables of any kind in the brow region can present complications when doing Microblading because it adjusts the brow line and the overall symmetry of your face. Injectables take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to settle, so it is important to keep your Microblading artist in the loop when considering or planning any procedure. It is also important that those offering Microblading do an in-depth consultation with clients and ask specific questions in regards to injectables because it can greatly affect the outcome of your brows.

Personally, when it comes to my clients I ask that they wait 6 weeks after undergoing injectables before they schedule an appointment for Microblading or even a touch up on previous work. This way you have a perfect canvas to work with.