One of the biggest questions we get asked is how much do eyelash extensions cost.  The answer varies between eyelash extension locations and the level of skill of the Lash Extension artist.  If you are looking for someone with a great deal of Eyelash Extension experience you can expect a higher cost for your Lash Extension service.  Generally, good Eyelash Extensions can cost anywhere from $150 - $200 for a full set of lash extensions and $350 for Russian Volume Lash Extensions.  Donโ€™t be fooled by people claiming you shouldnโ€™t pay over $75 for a full set of Lash Extensions.  Many times the work tends to be below grade and you will need to pay more to fix any damage that is done.   Lash Extension refills cost anywhere between $65 - $85 depending on the work involved at the time of your appointment - In order to keep costs down between appointments good Lash Extension aftercare is essential. 

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