One of the most frequently asked questions we get when people come in to get their Eyelash Extensions done is “can you use makeup remover on Lash Extensions” and the answer is, yes but not all makeup removers are created equal when it comes to your Eyelash Extensions.

Although it’s recommended that you use light concealer and very little eye shadow when you have Lash Extensions, we know that light makeup is impossible for many of our clients.  Who doesn’t love to show off their lash extensions, right!?  If this sounds like you, it’s a must that you use the right type of makeup remover for removing makeup from your Lash Extensions. 

We recommend using a light Micellar water also known as cleansing water and Bioderma is a preferred product that we use in the salon.  You can get this at your favorite beauty boutique in Toronto, like Shoppers Drug Mart, Sephora and Rexall.

When removing makeup from your Lash Extensions, it’s best that you use a lint free cotton pad and lightly remove any makeup that you might have on your Eyelash Extensions.  Be careful not do rub you Lash Extensions to hard because the added friction puts them at risk for premature fallout.   You must also keep in mind that although you can wear makeup with Eyelash Extension you will find that you need a fill sooner regardless of what eye makeup remover you use on your Lash Extension.

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