Although we are strong believers at Wax & Lash that only a professional should touch your eyebrows, sometimes we all need a quick fix between eyebrow shaping appointments.  When we shape eyebrows we like to keep it simple – Aside from a bit of facial wax (something YOU should NEVER use at home) we rely on 3 tools to create a clean eyebrow line.   

1.    Never go into the eyebrow arch because this is a danger zone for most people.  Simply tweeze strays that are on your mid lid this way you won't compromise the eye brow shape that you have worked so hard to maintain.

2.    Always use your eyebrow brush and move the hair in an upward direction so you don't pluck anything unnecessarily.  This will also create the perfect trimming point to cut lightly along the upper eyebrow line.  We’re not a huge fans of the non-professional doing this but if it’s an emergency follow these rules.

3.    Concealer is a great way to move along the eyebrow line to cover excess hair.  Use the eyebrow brush to move hair away from the lower brown line and take the powder brush and use a very small amount and rub it along the lower eyebrow line concealing the stray hairs as well as adding definition to your brows.  

Again, we are huge advocates of waiting for a professional to do your monthly eyebrow shaping but if you truly are desperate these three steps will help you along the way.

Screen shot 2018-10-01 at 9.30.08 PM.png