Thinking of getting lash extensions but feeling overwhelmed with all the options available to you? Eyelash extensions are a fun and unique way to make your peepers POP, and it is important to know what the best eyelash application options are for your uniquely-you eyes. Don’t fret, we are here to bring clarity to your choices in eyelash extensions! 

Naturally straight lashes? Your best bet is to apply curly eyelash extensions, as this is going to lift your natural eyelash frame and make your eyes look and feel bigger. Often times naturally straight eyelashes with look almost as if they are dragging the eye downward. Getting eyelash extensions that are curly will have the opposite effect! 

Naturally large, round eyes? You will enjoy the cat eye style of eyelash extensions; the longer corner of the eyelash allows for an elongated look, giving additional shape and form to the eyes.  

Almond Eyes? In order make the eye appear more open and wide, getting eyelash extensions that are longer in the middle and shorter around the corners will best suit your eye shape. 

Deep set eyes? Less curly, longer eyelash extensions are going to suit your natural eye better. As well, stay away from extreme sets, as these can make deep set eyes appear small and overwhelming. 

Mature? Seek thinner eyelash extension that are on the shorter side. These will have the appearance of a light, simple, yet naturally beautiful lashes. 

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time? It is recommended that you find a beauty salon that will take your unique eye shape into consideration. It is important to look your options open for the salon that provides quality, safe service. 

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