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The temperature is rising, and you are wondering how to keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant, and beautiful, while also staying safe from those harsh UV rays. Try these helpful this summer, you will thank us!

Rid of Oily Skin: oil from sunscreen and other lotions can block pores and create blackheads. Yuk! Use a soothing face wash with natural exfoliates (no plastic beads!) to wash out your pores. Then soothe and moisturize with a natural lotion to even out skin tone. This can be done as part of your evening routine. 

Post-Shave: Treat your freshly shaven legs, arms, or bikini area to a keratin-based cream. This will create a smooth complexion while also soothing the sensitive areas that may have ingrown hairs or rough patches. Don’t forget to switch razors every five-seven uses to prevent cuts and stubble. 

Breakouts and flare-ups Happen: They do for all of us! When it does happen, try the antibacterial Farsenol or salicylic acid, both work to remove dead skin, allowing blocked pores to breath once again. Feelin’ a flare-up? Get an ice cube, cover it with a paper towel or thin cloth, and hold to the area for five-minutes. Repeat this step two or three times, it will work to reduce redness that is a result of these unwanted flare-ups. 

Rid of Makeup: The summer heat can weigh down on your makeup. Instead of pulling the delicate skin around the eyes, opt for an oil-based makeup remover that work to dissolve the particles of makeup around this sensitive area. 

Lastly, do not forget to stay hydrated! There are a tone of benefits to drinking water. Not only does your body require it (duh!) for hydration, but drinking about two litres of water a day can work to clear skin, reduce pores, and create a smoother, more even looking complexion. Get drinking ladies! 

These simple tricks will keep your skin and eyes looking and feeling fresh all summer long.