Are your eyebrows lacking that certain edge? Perhaps you have naturally thinner and less thick brows than you'd wish for. Here are some awesome tips to help fill your eyebrows in without going overboard.

Brows are important as they represent a part of us, our personality, and of course, everyone sees them. They are a way of finishing off any look, especially if they are done right. That’s why it’s important to know how to properly fill them in. Follow these simple tips to get fabulous looking eyebrows.

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  • Getting the Right Shade: Look for a shade that matches your hair colour. For a most natural look, try a one or two shades lighter if you are a brunette, and the same for darker if you are a blonde. This will give the perfect illusion of naturalness without looking overbearing. Try various brands, shades, and tools until you find just the right shade for you. The process takes time, so be patience with your search for the perfect brow filler.
  • Quality DOES matter: When it comes to the tools you use on your beautiful brows, look at the quality rather than the price. A quality pencil will allow you to blend better, and will give off the natural pigment you are looking for.
  • Style em’: This will be the perfect starting point for when you are ready to fill in your brows. Regular plucking and cutting of your eyebrows can make a world of a difference when it comes to applying your eyebrow fillers. You can do this at home with some tweezers and a small pair of scissors, or head to a salon for a quick and easy brush up.
  • Listen to your shape: Try to draw within the natural lines of your eyebrows in order to maintain that natural look. These can even be dotted on and then filled in after. A bit little pencil outside the natural curves is fine, but a full on pencil outside all lines of your natural brow will make for an overbearing look.
  • Don’t go overboard: Start with a light layer, and add as you see fit. The last thing you need is to wipe all of your brow makeup off because you overdid it. By filling in your brows with steady, sweeping strokes, you will be able to better determine the right amount of filler as well as when to stop.

By following the natural flow of your brows, you won’t have that overbearing ‘drawn on’ look. Whether you have thick eyebrows or thin, these helpful hints will keep you looking fabulous!