Facts and Safety

As beauty trends come and go, some have stood the test of time such as lipstick and long, beautiful lashes. They simply make us feel feminine and gorgeous. When people consider getting lash extensions, one of the most common concerns is if they are healthy and safe. There is also a common misconception that eyelash extensions will ruin your natural lashes. Letโ€™s debunk some of these rumors and get to really understand lashes.

When lashes are applied correctly, they are entirely safe and pose no adverse harm to your eye, eyelid, or natural existing lash. Itโ€™s important to never fuss or tug at your lashes as this is when problems such as lashes falling out occur.

Eyelash extensions are typically glued onto your individual natural lashes.  The glue is specifically designed for the application of lash extensions and is safe for use around the eye area.

Lash extensions are also completely safe for those who wear contact lenses. If you are prone to dry eyes, itโ€™s advised that you carry around some saline solution along with a contact lens case in order to avoid rubbing dry, itchy eyes due to contacts.

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