Different Eyelash Extension Styles Explained

Are you considering getting eyelash extensions but are unsure of which style to get? Maybe you know which style you like but are confused as to whether or not they are the right ones for you. Let’s take a look at the different lash styles that are available. 



  1. Natural lash extensions: This type of extension follows the natural lash line and pattern of your eye. At around the ¾ part of your lash line, lashes will get slightly longer toward the outside of your eye. These lashes are great for enhancing your natural eyes without changing their shape. They are also great for almost all eye shapes. 
  2. Cat Eye lash extensions: In this style, longer lashes are put at the outside edges of the eyes to give eyes a longer and more cat-eye look. Round and close-set eyes are best suited to this style as lash extensions will make eyes appear more almond-like in size and shape.
  3. Doll lash extensions: If you want bigger and brighter eyes, this style is the answer. Longer lashes are focused in the middle of the eye while shorter lashes are put on the ends. If you have wide eyes or eyes that turn down, the doll style is the best fit for you.
  4. Camel lash extensions: This look is achieved by mixing several different types of curled lashes that achieve a wispy and fan-like appearance.
  5. Volume lash extensions: This type of lash extension is perfect for a drastic and accentuated look. Lashes will be lifted, making the eye appear larger and brighter. These lashes will give you the perfect amount of glamour without having a false look.

Lash extensions will give you the beautiful and natural looking lashes that you have always wanted. Jump on this beauty trend and enjoy bigger and brighter eyes 24/7!

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