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I felt an introductory post on brow maintenance would be a great way to christen my blog and thought a discussion regarding grooming basics was a good start.  Although I am a strong believer that only a professional should touch your brows, sometimes you need a quick fix between shaping appointments.  When I shape brows I like to keep it simple – Aside from a bit of facial wax (something YOU should NEVER use at home) I rely on 3 tools to create a clean brow line.   

Points where you should never pluck

  1. Never go into the brow arch this is the danger zone simple tweeze strays that are on your mid lid this way you won't compromise the shape that you have worked so hard to maintain.

  2. Always use your brow brush to move the hair in an upwards direction so you don't pluck anything that need a simple trim.  This will create a perfect trimming point which you can simply trim the edges.  I'm not a huge fan of the trim for non-professionals but if you have to this is the mode I would like for you to take. 

  3. Concealer - A great way to move along the brow line to cover all the hair that's hanging around. Use the brow brush to move hair away from the lower brown line take the powder brush and use a very small amount and rub it along the lower brow line concealing the stray hairs as well as adding definition to your brows.  

I felt that that it was fitting to make my first blog post about brows and what better way to start with this topic than with the tools that I use