I treated myself to my first set of eyelash extensions for my birthday, and decided to try Wax & Lash. Jen recommended what would look best with my eye shape and gave me exactly what I wanted - something that adds oomph while still airing on the side of natural. I was very comfortable the entire time and she played awesome music. I am in love with my new lashes and will definitely be coming back!
— Samantha B
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I’m so glad I found this place. Jen is the ultimate in talent and professionalism - plus, she’s charming to boot! I’ve been to other lash salons and while I’ve never quite hated the process, I’ve never really enjoyed it.

Wax & Lash changed that. I love laying on the table and being pampered, having a good conversation, or simply falling asleep to wake up gorgeous. As far as the lashes go, they’re top quality — well worth every penny you’ll pay, and her rates are dope to begin with. You can’t put a price on walking out the door confident with no makeup on!

Beautiful space, fabulous service, convenient location - I can’t say enough other than to reiterate that I’m so glad I found Wax & Lash.
— Lauren O'Neill
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Jen is the BEST. THE VERY BEST. I’ve tried lashes from quite a few different technicians in the city, and she’s incredible. Her customer service is bar none, her commitment to quality and experience is perfection! I really enjoyed having my first set done at WAX & LASH not only because of her attention to detail, but they are more long lasting than other sets I’ve had. Definitely recommend coming her for a lash set that’s custom and done with care!
— Gloria Chick

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