People are going crazy over the Rose Quartz Facial Roller!

We’ve had so many enquiries on how to use this gem that we decided to do a point form guide.

** Remember to use with your favorite serum, facial oil or cleansers.

Step 1: Take your favorite Serum and blend over face.

Step 2: Get your Rose Quartz Facial Roller.

Step 3: Using the bigger end, begin at your chin and move in an upward direction.

Step 4: As you move upward, switch to the small end for hard to reach areas like under the eyes. This is my favorite because it helps reduce the signs of thin lines and prevents new ones from forming.

Step 5: Continue using the small end and massage your forehead reducing fine lines and fighting frown lines. Also known to help reduce headaches.

Step 6: You can also use on your neck to tighten skin that sags as you age. You’re never too young to massage this area, you’ll thank yourself later!